Sunday, May 26

moments captured are called pictures


wassssssssssssssssszup? since the early days of "gantung kamera dekat leher jalan-jalan dekat bandar bajet hot stuff" era, ive been  photography but i havent been able to do so because i cant afford the jam packed gempak punya broo slrs. they are ridiculously expensive and i rather buy something else with the money. when i entered UTM i joined Kelab Fotokreatif and i was able to fulfill my interest in photography and i am grateful for the chance but i still wont buy those camera though. maybe. one day. when im rich enough. i dont want to be camera poor, adapted from house poor which means you bought a  luxurious house then you became penniless, which is applied to my situation thus camera poor. so ready to see my photos? take note that im still an amateur so dont judge to harsh ! 

theres more but too much of a good thing is just showing off. want to see more? go to my facebook! i'll be uploading more there. 
till then, i'll see you when i see you ! ttfn

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