Sunday, June 9

Where did my mind went off to?

Hi Assalamualaikum and happy weekends!

So as you have may already have known, i am currently doing my final exams. If not then i just told you thus you actually already have known by the time you read this. So moving on, i have about a week left for my finals then begins my loooongg semester break. My mindddd is barely here. All i could think of is what should i do for the break. Should i work? Should i just stay home and help my mother take care of my brother? Shoulldddd i....  And the list goes on. I still have 3 papers left. Wake up taufiq! These next three papers are the killer ones. Be prepared! My body right now is just toooo damn lazy to get up. And my head hurts.

I still haven't pack my stuffs to bring back home. Because for the next semester i'll be changing my room. So i have to bring all off my belongings.

With that i hope the dawn of the new semester will bring me better luck and better grades.

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